Trucking is an integral part of the local agricultural industry and has been since Antonini Fruit Express inception in 1926.

Antonini Fruit Express has a long history of moving peaches and tomatoes for canning, and today the company hauls about 10 percent of California's tomato crop.

“The grower is the starting point, with the crops growing in the field. The processor is the end point, and the trucker is in the middle.” Joe Antonini, President 

And that middle part needs to move fast, especially when dealing with time-sensitive products like peaches and tomatoes.

Company founder Virgilio “Vic” Antonini emigrated from Italy before coming to Stockton and buying a farm. Then he started Antonini Fruit Express in 1926.He passed on the business to his sons, Louis, Jack and Rudy.

Joe Antonini and his sister Karen Wuellner are Rudy’s children and the co-owners of the enterprise.  The company has a long history of moving peaches and tomatoes for canning.


Prompt and Efficient Service

It's more than a slogan.  It's a way of doing business.  Local farmers depend on skillful service each year to deliver their produce.

Tomato Hopper Kenworth Truck

Delivering Tomatoes to Your Tables

Trucks can be found across California, from Yreka to San Diego. And we plan to continue to grow in the years to come.

Tomato 105

Driving the Agriculture Economy

Reliably transporting produce from local farms has created seasonal jobs that are there year after year.

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